DHX OPC Premier Suite

DHX OPC Server Suite with OPC Math & Logic

DHX Driver Suite DHX OPC Server Suite DHX OPC Premier Suite DHX OPC Enterprise Suite
Built-in Communication Drivers
Cyberlogic OPC Server, Certified by the OPC Foundation
Math & Logic Triggers and Switches
Math & Logic Custom Programs
Communicate with Other OPC DA Servers
Crosslink - Transfer Values Between OPC Data Items
Data Logger - Log Data Items to Relational Databases
Get all the features of the DHX OPC Server Suite and the powerful data-manipulation capabilities of Math & Logic in one integrated package.

The DHX OPC Premier Suite includes the following software components:

The DHX OPC Premier Suite adds full Math & Logic capabilities to the Cyberlogic OPC Server. The server can provide data to both local and remote OPC clients. Data flow can continue with minimal interruption as the server automatically switches between between primary and backup devices on various A-B networks as connections fail and are restored. Custom-written C-Logic™ programs can scale values, manipulate strings, and transform data before it's transmitted to a client.

Summary of Features

  • OPC Server for Allen-Bradley DH, DH+, DH-485, ControlNet, A-B Ethernet, ControlLogix Gateway and DF1 networks and devices.
  • Program math and logic expressions to convert, control and manipulate data.
  • Configure Redundant PLCs.
  • Configure Redundant Networks.
  • Pre-programmed Math & Logic Triggers and Switches.
  • Custom trigger events can be programmed using Math & Logic.
  • Free technical support.

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Product Details

Release Notes
Product Help Files
DHX OPC Premier Suite Components
OPC Specifications
  • Data Access 3.0
  • Data Access 2.05a
  • Data Access 1.0a
  • Alarms & Events 1.1
  • XML Data Access 1.0
  • A-B Data Highway
  • A-B Data Highway Plus
  • A-B ControlNet
  • A-B DH-485
  • A-B Ethernet
  • A-B EtherNet/IP
  • A-B DF1
  • ControlLogix Gateway
  • DHX Gateway for remote access
  • A-B PLC-2 family
  • A-B PLC-3 family
  • A-B PLC-5 family
  • A-B SLC-500 family
  • A-B MicroLogix family
  • A-B ControlLogix family
  • A-B FlexLogix family
  • A-B CompactLogix family
  • A-B Micro800 family
Network Adapters
  • A-B 1784-PCMK
  • A-B 1784-PCMK Series B
  • A-B 1784-PKTX/A
  • A-B 1784-PKTXD/A
  • A-B 1784-U2DHP
  • DL-PCIe (CIF50e-DHP)
  • SST 5136-SD-PCI
Legacy Adapters Supported in v8.1
  • A-B 1784-KT Rev A
  • A-B 1784-KT Rev B
  • A-B 1784-KT2
  • A-B 1784-KTCX Series B
  • A-B 1784-KTX
  • A-B 1784-KTXD
  • SST 5136-SD Rev 1
  • SST 5136-SD Rev 2
  • SST 5136-SD-MCA
Operating Systems
  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7 SP1
  • Windows Server 2022
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
OPC Foundation Certified
Certified for OPC Compliance

The OPC Foundation website recommends that "OPC Users should look for OPC Client and OPC Server products that have passed ‘Compliance Certification’ Testing and display the ‘Certified’ logo".

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