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Cyberlogic products can be downloaded from the following links for free trial.

All downloaded Cyberlogic products are fully functional and will operate continuously for 14 days. After the initial 14 days, it will continue to operate for two hours at a time. At any time, you may purchase a license, allowing you to activate the product for continuous operation.

Current Suite Downloads

All products are shipped with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions on the same disk. When installing from a product disk, the installer will detect the 32-bit or 64-bit operating system and automatically install the correct version.

To keep file sizes smaller for faster download, 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the products are made available as separate downloads on this page. The current release version is 8.1.

32-bit Cyberlogic Suites Download 64-bit Cyberlogic Suites Download

Each download contains all of the version 8 products. When the installation is started, the user will select which product suite to install.

Software Development Kit Downloads

Neither the MBX SDK or the DHX SDK are available for download.


Software updates for Cyberlogic products are free. Updates are provided for major versions of products. Please find the required update for the version and product you are using from the list on this page.

Newer updates contain everything that was included in all of the previous updates. Therefore, you need only install the latest update for your version to bring it to the current release level.

Version Product Link
Version 7.1

Update applies to:

MBX OPC Enterprise Suite 7.1

MBX OPC Premier Suite 7.1

MBX OPC Server Suite 7.1

MBX Bridge Suite 7.1

MBX Driver Suite 7.1

Version 7.0

Update applies to:

OPC Crosslink Suite 7.0

DHX OPC Premier Suite 7.0

DHX OPC Server Suite 7.0

DHX Driver Suite 7.0

MBX OPC Premier Suite 7.0

MBX OPC Server Suite 7.0

MBX Bridge Suite 7.0

MBX Driver Suite 7.0

Version 6

Update applies to:

MBX Premier Suite 6.0.0

MBX OPC Server Suite 6.0.0

MBX Bridge Suite 6.0.0

MBX Driver Suite 6.0.0

DHX OPC Server Suite 6.0.0

DHX Driver Suite 6.0.0

Version 5

Updates apply to:

MBX Premier 5.00

MBX OPC Server Suite 5.00

MBX Bridge Suite 5.00

MBX Driver Suite 5.00

[SP1] MBX_500_SP1.exe

[SP1 HotFix1] MBX500SP1Fix1.exe

[SP1 HotFix2] MBX500SP1Fix2.exe

[SP2] MBX_500_SP2.exe




Version 4.3 DHX Driver Suite 4.30

[SP1] DHX_430_SP1.exe

[SP2] DHX_430_SP2.exe

[SP2 HotFix1] DHX430SP2Fix1.exe

[SP2 HotFix2] DHX430SP2Fix2.exe

Version 4.2

Updates apply to:

MBX Driver Suite 4.20

MBX Bridge Suite 4.20

[SP1] MBX_420_SP1.exe

[SP2] MBX_420_SP2.exe

[SP3] MBX_420_SP3_Beta.exe

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Certified for OPC Compliance

The OPC Foundation website recommends that "OPC Users should look for OPC Client and OPC Server products that have passed ‘Compliance Certification’ Testing and display the ‘Certified’ logo".

The independent certification test labs perform a range of tests that cover compliance and interoperability testing, load and performance testing, stress testing, white box testing, behavior testing, and environment and usability testing.

Products are awarded the "Compliance Certified" status when all interfaces they support have passed all of the independent lab tests.

Cyberlogic became the first company to receive the OPC Foundation’s valuable "Certified" status in 2008, and the company's OPC Suites are the first OPC products authorized to carry the OPC Foundation's valuable "Certified" logo.

Upgrading to Version 8?

Upgrading an existing version 5, 6, or 7 software installation to version 8 is very easy. The following document provides step-by-step instructions to upgrade to version 8: