Cyberlogic Developer Network

Cyberlogic Developer Network

Join the Cyberlogic Developer Network!

The Cyberlogic Developer Network is designed to allow Cyberlogic customers to use Cyberlogic’s OPC software products under free development licenses.

What is Cyberlogic Developer Network?

We understand that developers have special needs. They often need multiple copies of software during development and testing. They also want to retain their ability to support the system they developed after its deployment. This becomes difficult when the systems integrator transfers the runtime license to its customer.

Who is eligible to sign-up for this program?

Professional systems integrators, in-house automation engineers and IT departments of the end-user companies are eligible to join the Cyberlogic Developer Network.

Are these full products?

Yes. The developers who sign up for the program will receive a media kit for the retail versions of the products. The software can also be downloaded from the Cyberlogic website and used with the Developer Network activation keys.

Are there any restrictions to use the developer licenses?

Yes. The development licenses are solely for use in systems development, integration and testing. The development licenses are not intended for production and they are not allowed to be used as "runtime" licenses.

How do I sign-up for Cyberlogic developer Network?

Please click on the following link to send us an email from your corporate email account, including your contact information.

DevNet is a valuable program, available only for corporate and academic users. Also, each corporate user can have only one DevNet account. Therefore, applications with generic email addresses (such as Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook) will not be accepted.

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